day 9 : friends

i think all my friends are amazing persons!
especially those that really close to me.
they are willing to lend me their shoulders to cry on.
they are willing to calm me down whenever i have problem.
be patient with me again and again.
thanks guys!!!
i love u very very very very very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~
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Syima Syaz said...

uuuhhh dah lama tak begini dgn kawan baik....

SyAfaWaNi ♥‿♥ said...

did u count me in?? huhu

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

Syima Syaz:
hehehe.. tu cume pic dari google je. not the real me la dear. no matter what, kite kena hargai semua kawan-kawan kite kan?

SyAfaWaNi ♥‿♥:
huish.. mesti lah beb!!! kang u majuk ngan i plak.