April 8, 2014

all of me

'cause all of me . loves all of you . love your curves and all your edges . all your perfect imperfections . give your all to me . i'll give my all to you . you're my end and my beginning . even when i lose i'm winning . 'cause i give you all of me . and you give me all of you, oh . how many times do I have to tell you . even when you're crying you're beautiful too. the world is beating you down . i'm around through every mood . you're my downfall . you're my muse . my worst distraction . my rhythm and blues . i can't stop singing . it's ringing . in my head for you : [john legend-all of me].

April 7, 2014


rindu pada blog.
tapi tak rajin nak menulis.

April 1, 2014

29.3: sepuluh.

bermula dengan angka lapanbelas.
kini menginjak usia duapuluhlapan tahun.
awak masih disisi saya.

through thick and thin.

jatuh bangun suka duka bersama.

terima kasih arjuna.

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