sw33t c0upL3 !tu..

arini bukannye oshinz ade ape-ape nak crite pun..
tetibe teringatkan crite 'Full House'.

so let's view some pictures together..
*cuci mate sajork la yerk*

pic di sisi yang sopan..
-the cute hero-
*wohoo.. kulit muke yg licin.. bagos2!!*

-the sweet heroin-
*set baju yg chantek.. die ayu btul kan?*

pic di sisi yang.. emm~
+the hot+sturdy Rain+

+the sexy+gorgeous Song Hye Kyo+

the combination of them~

i think they were a compatible partner..
don't u ever think so?

p/s: full house akan ade season 2 kan?
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