in my mind..

We used to be the best of friends
Hanging out all the time
I made you laugh
I made you cry

We've been through some tough times
but even through those times
you stood strong and supported me
You were there for me
when I needed it the most

We wrote notes
Told secrets
I miss all those good times
The memories we share
And I know that it's not over
but sometimes it feels like you're so far away
And the sad part is I don't know how else to tell you

dear my old school buddies,
[yana, eila, sri, emma, nisa]
i miss u much..
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kutik said...

takpe tahun ni buat open house jemput jemput mereka semua yok!!

0sh!Nz 0n da bL0ck said...

wargh.. buley ke?
sgt syiok..
tapi get ready utk patah pinggang la.
coz kena jadi chef kat dapo..
okeh ke?

kutik said...

insyallah boleh punya...
dah lama sangat tak buat kan...
chef dekat dapo yok!!
nanti lesap bila geng geng dah datang...