mimpi kita

someone ask an 80 years old couple;
how do you guys make it,
how do you still love each other?
old man smiled and said;
we accepted each other in every way,
we forgot about mistakes we did,
we were always together,
and years doesn't matter for us.
we love each other like that first day we fell in love.
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cha said...

terharunya baca :')

Ainee Cumi said...

so cuweet!!

t00feak said...

Harap2 kite pun akan jd camni =)

Reen Tart Nenas said...

u knw what, masa saye pegi german ari tu, mmg byk nampak old couples jalan holding hands kat taman2. so terfikir, wah, boleh la saye buat camtu gak nanti. tp mesia panas, park pun xbest. kite pegang tangan g masjid je la :)


so sweet :) grow old together